Hope everyone use to watching videos in YouTube, Google Video and DailyMotion.Even when I search for a video either for fun r for technical I will type this sites to view my favorite videos. Recently I visited a website named as avotmedia.com. Most of the people who are watching videos in Youtube or in Google [

For deploying Servlet in webserver we need to follow some rules.The steps are 1.Create a root directory(for ex: Webapp) 2.under this directory we need to create a sub directory called WEB-INF(as it is we need to create) 3 Under WEB-INF u need to create two sub directories called (classes and lib)and one file(we

The leading mobile communication devices company High Technology Computer Corporation (HTC) manufactures latest moblie computing devices PDA mobile phones. Recently they introduce a mobile computing device HTC Shift which has Windows Vista Business Operating System in it. This device is used to access email pre

Normally in Microsoft servers distribution computing and load sharing is possible but its only within their platform. We can share database within different platforms like windows, Linux and Solaris but we should use some third party software’s to implement it. Here is a Network Topology to reduce this di

AIM Promote introduce CRM software to lead management organizations. When I start using this software I really wonder really it’s very useful for of management. In my business it will take weeks or months to know about my customer satisfaction and it will take time to increase my sales. But using this CRM Sof

Recently i learn some of the advantages of open source software’s. Its really good to learn open source. I think i future most of the corporate will switch to open source. Normally the corporates who are developing application software’s should get license from the software’s development organ

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