Gigabyte to Paint the M and T Notebook Series

Laptops are becoming more and more similar to the mobile phones. Not only that they keep on shrinking until they reach unbelievably small sizes, but they become to adopt the colorful trend we got used to with our handhelds. In fact, the colorful skins have stopped being a trend and transformed into a necessity. Some time ago, Dell announced that it will ship its Inspiron notebooks in a wide range of colors, while Gateway only managed to make two of its laptop series (the M and T models) available into three colors.

“Our customers responded so well to the jewel-toned colors we introduced last fall that we’re expanding the line to offer customers even more choices in a PC that reflects their individuality and tastes,” said Todd Titera, Gateway senior manager, notebook PCs, in a statement. “These new colors – Merlot, Silver and especially Arctic Bloom – have their own unique personality to please the fashion conscious and style-minded.”

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