Mesh’s New PC Line, Powered by AMD’s Tri-Cores

HP and Dell have already placed the first tri-core offers….The tri-core Toliman processors will arrive just in time to compete with the low-cost offering from Intel, the Intel Core 2 Duo E4500 or even the Intel Core 2 Duo E2200. The Intel processors are dual-core chips, and the AMD units will be expected to perform much better in multi-threaded tasks, such as gaming, for instance.

Mesh is one of the system builders that have arrived at the end of the party. Dell and HP have already announced their series of tri-core Phenom-based machines in the Optiplex family.

Dual-core CPUs have lost their appeal quite some time ago and they’re hardly a novelty, unless implemented into ultra-mobile PCs. At the same time, quad-core chips might be an extreme choice, so tri-core
processors are the optimal solution.

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