About Plasma antenna

Plasma is an ionized gas, when plenty of dense will act as a conductor. As plasma antenna create a focus absorption of plasma to form a plasma mirror which prevent an RF ray open from a central feed to be found at the focus of the mirror.

The plasma antenna system where the electro-optic modulator contain an optical signal source for create a light signal adjust with a radio frequency to make said plasma antenna to transmit said signal. In plasma antennas and said optical fiber are increase as part of a submarine periscope and one or more plasma antennas will give out a preferred electromagnetic signal.

Plasma Antennas has developed a variety of smart, included multi-beam antennas to get together demanding in the civil and defense markets. Plasma antenna is very lightweight and compact. Plasma antennas have a number of potential advantages for antenna design. The plasma antenna is opposed to electronic fighting.

The main use of plasma antenna is, it can be at the similar clear and protected to occurrence high frequency, high power electronic fighting pulses.

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