Earth Is Doomed

Forget about global warming, the ice ages, asteroids or any other impending disaster waiting to happen. Earth will burn! Literally! Astronomers approximate the age of the Sun to a rough 5 billion years and is mostly believed that it will continue to burn hydrogen at least as much time before becoming too unstable to maintain its current form. Our planet, on the other hand, will probably be swallowed by the Sun in 7.6 billion years, rendering it out of existence.

There may be more than 150 million kilometers between the Sun and the Earth, however these changes have direct effect upon the weather of our planet. The Earth will become dryer, hotter, impossible to live on. And like that wouldn’t have been enough, a secondary effect related to the Sun’s aging will then take place. After losing control over the gravitational and nuclear reaction forces that kept it stable for most of its life, the Sun will finally expand into a red giant which will most likely engulf the inner planets.

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