Teleportation is used to transfer the matter from one point to another immediately. It is mainly used in science fiction works. Teleportation is also used to communicate the people face to face even at the distant location. The face image in the teleportation will be in the 3D environment, which make eye to eye two way conversation. It is mainly used for videoconferencing. Three elements are used in teleportation, in which two of them are knotted were one is detained by the sender and other is send to the receiver.

The third element is knotted when the sender brings it into the contact. Two different types of teleportation are used. They are exact and inexact teleportation. In exact teleportation the exact thing of the original form will be removed from one place and appears in another place. In inexact transport the item will be programming all the data regarding its working and then it copy the thing somewhere else.

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