Apple to Introduce Cheaper, Better Wi-Fi iPods

Rough times pushing Apple into using the iPod like an umbrella on a rainy day. According to Gene Munster, an analyst covering Apple for investment bank Piper Jaffray, Apple Inc. will struggle to maintain growth by introducing a range of more innovative and cheaper iPod models, featuring touch-screens and even multi-touch tech. AppleInsider makes mention of the analyst’s report to clients, released early Monday morning, revealing forecasts for current modeling for iPod growth rates that should stabilize at around 15 percent through the company’s fiscal 2009.

“In order to achieve this level of year-over-year iPod growth, we are expecting Apple to introduce cheaper, innovative iPods with Wi-Fi and multi-touch technology,” wrote Munster. The Piper Jaffray analyst also notes that the last 3 years have seen Apple maintaining a steady, yet dominant 70 percent share of the MP3 players market. But that’s not reason enough to force Apple to introduce a cheaper and more innovative range of iPods.

During the same 3-year period, Apple also grew its dollar share of the segment from 71 percent in 2004 to 84 percent in 2007, as AppleInsider notes. That dollar share jumped through the roof later on, to an amazing 90 percent (during the first full month of iPod touch sales). The newly introduced touch-screen players are to thank for that.

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