Rough times pushing Apple into using the iPod like an umbrella on a rainy day. According to Gene Munster, an analyst covering Apple for investment bank Piper Jaffray, Apple Inc. will struggle to maintain growth by introducing a range of more innovative and cheaper iPod models, featuring touch-screens and even m

As far as the Windows operating system is concerned, the threat environment is tailored on it. The ubiquity of the platform, as well as a small level of bulletproofing of older versions, have virtually made Windows a sitting duck. Of course that the 90% market share enjoyed by the operating system acts as the m

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Men are bigger than women and they have a reputation as being more thick-headed than the females. And here comes the surprise delivered by a new research published in the International Journal of Vehicle Safety: in fact, women have thicker skulls then men! The team made of researchers from the Ford Motor Co. an

“Buna dimineata!” This is how Michael Champlin, Business Product Manager, started the Google Apps conference which took place yesterday in Bucharest. The Google suite of utilities equipped with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Talk, iGoogle, Docs & Spreadsheets and many other tools is now availabl

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A new year… A new beginning… And the inevitable security solution smackdown. In this context, AV-Test has thrown together in the same arena no less than 24 antivirus products from the heavyweights of the security market. The security solutions were tested against in excess of 1 million malware sampl

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