Free Website Monitoring Services

When a website grows and receives a high amount of content over a certain period of time, the number of visitors will increase, just like will the number of HTTP requests. In order to hold on to the visitors or customers of the website and to determine them to come back anytime, besides adding new content and making periodic changes and improvements, there is yet another thing you must consider. The monitoring of uptime-downtime cycles frequency will provide you useful information regarding the strategies necessary to improve the IT infrastructure and to maintain the optimal work flow for a web-based

Various solutions exist to determine the characteristics of uptime-downtime cycles frequency and influencing factors: free or commercial desktop applications, web-based scripts or online services.

Online website performance monitoring services detect various aspects that could affect the number of uptime-downtime cycles. For example, the website availability can be conditioned by network structure, hardware malfunctions, web server operating system optimization level and other factors.

One of the existing free services designated to help you evaluate and improve the website content delivery quality by reducing the number of uptime-downtime cycles is It provides details regarding network and website status through continuous monitoring actions. From an AJAX user interface, you will be able to check the number of server uptime-downtime cycles, reports about visitors’ actions on a certain website, and more. The option to choose from various types of alerts (RSS, email or SMS) is also available and, as a consequence, information about the server and website status will be at hand anytime.

By correctly interpreting the monitoring results accumulated over a certain period of time, the major factors affecting the overall website uptime and performance will be identified and, consequently, they can be optimized or eliminated. The web hosting service reliability measured through the guarantee percent of server uptime can also be established. By selecting a competitive web hosting service and continuously monitoring and evaluating website performance, you can turn any web-based business into a real success story.

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