I have many experience when i went to buy a new computer for me. Actually its very difficult to buy a hardware computer product from a computer sales shop. We cant even believe them when we are purchasing it. When it comes for processor or harddisk we can believe it because all the products and […]

When a website grows and receives a high amount of content over a certain period of time, the number of visitors will increase, just like will the number of HTTP requests. In order to hold on to the visitors or customers of the website and to determine them to come back anytime, besides adding new […]

Agile Web Solutions has updated 1Password, its password manager for Mac, to version 2.6.5. While the latest version is currently in beta, which means it might not be very stable, version 2.6.4 (stable) is also available for existing users to download and upgrade, free of charge. The most recent 1Password we rep