Reliance and Microsoft

TV is the only major digital device that has been left out of the networking revolution, and Microsoft and Reliance are now making the TV a first-class citizen in the connected entertainment landscape,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “By connecting the TV to an intelligent two-way network and adding powerful software, new connected and personalized experiences will become possible here in India. Now Reliance Started their in TV Services.

Microsoft and Indian media and telco group Reliance Communications have
agreed on a $500 million deal to deliver TV services over the Internet.

Reliance, part of the Reliance conglom, said the IPTV service will use Microsoft Mediaroom technology and provide video on demand, digital video recording, personal media sharing and choice between standard and high-definition viewing.

Reliance is spending another $500 million in infrastructure development and will launch the service by March.

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