A few days ago, the Sunnyvale-based company Yahoo made what seems to be Flickr’s first step into the video sharing market: the implementation of video supportwhich allows users to upload their own clips on the famous photo sharing website. That’s right, Flickr was actually a photo sharing webpage an

It was last month when we told you about the brand new gaming studio opened by Electronic Arts in Romania – the first and only (at least for now) EA gaming studio in the Eastern Europe. And since the company announced that the production of video games will begin shortly, it only seems natural that […]

Windows Mobile 6.1, the newest version of Microsoft’s OS for mobile devices, should have been launched at MWC 2008, at the beginning of February, but the giant softwarecompany postponed its release for unknown reasons. Now it looks like the new OS will be available starting April the 1st, and Pocket-Lint

“Earlier today, Apple released the Safari 3.1 Web browser for Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista. A couple hours later, Apple Software Update popped up on my daughter’s Sony VAIO, offering Safari 3.1 for download,” says Joe Wilcox of Microsoft Watch. “I didn’t recall seeing an earlier ver

Forget the rubber bullets and water jets. The weapon of the future for controlling the mob will employ sounds. Or you may use it against the little monsters of the Halloween or an annoying neighbor. The handheld sonic gun, called Sonic Devestator, can emit intense ultrasoniccharges capable of causing intense pa

After the success achieved in the last years in the collaboration with NASA’s Ames Research Center, which included the mapping of stars and that of the surfaces of different bodies in the solar system, the Internet search giant Google is now showing interest in expanding its development towards providing

Fashion design is becoming a trend now a days. If you want to be a professional fashion designer one day then you need not worry as there are lots of fashion schools to make your dream come true . There are lots and lots of fashion schools in california which is the best for the […]

The Codemasters Online Gaming or COG division has already launched four MMO projects aimed at the PC market and there’s another one in the pipeline, in the form of Jumpgate Evolution, from NetDevil. And as the PC market for MMO games is dominated by World of Warcraft, Codemasters thinks that success is no

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