Self Aware Safari 3.1

“Earlier today, Apple released the Safari 3.1 Web browser for Mac OS and Windows XP/Vista. A couple hours later, Apple Software Update popped up on my daughter’s Sony VAIO, offering Safari 3.1 for download,” says Joe Wilcox of Microsoft Watch. “I didn’t recall seeing an earlier version installed on the laptop. And I made no mistake: The Apple updater offered installation of new software, not something that had been there before. Whoa.”

Most iPod owners use a PC. Not because they don’t like Macs, but because most iPod owners are part of a huge population that uses PC. Not making myself clear yet? People mostly use PCs, OK?! It’s hard for me to say this, but it’s true. Moving on. As iPod owners, they need iTunes. iTunes needs to be installed on computers. And so users do it, thanks
to Apple who has brought its Software Update system on Windows so users are notified whenever there’s an update for them. Using the same mechanism, version 3.1 of Safari has somehow made its way onto Windows-based platforms.

What is this “the rise of the web browsers…?”

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