Tibia i hope most of you know about this game. I think Tibia has much more to offer, so you should try it out, although it doesn’t look like a game from 2007, more like one from 1997. Maybe the mythology, or characters will turn you addicted to it, who knows? Don’t forget to log out before quitting the game! By the way, you can’t do that if you’re fighting, so don’t try to run off from a battle by logging out!

Tibia is an old game and despite that I’ve seen many users on the server where I got connected. It is good for those who don’t have expensive computers, as the game could be run on a PII at 400 Mhz with no problems. All you need is a good Internet connection.The game can be addictive, if you don’t mind the poor graphics quality and you’re interested only in the fantasy behind it. There are many other MMORPGs that can beat this game very easily.

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