Human resources (HR) systems have been around for many years, providing robust and efficient solutions for companies of all sizes. When properly designed, implemented, and maintained, these systems allow companies to engage and nurture their employees and critical processes. When these systems are neglected, ho

Its very difficult for us to manage when we a having our pets like dogs. Even i have my pet in my home but i don’t have any separate room for him. Then i planned to buy a Dog house which it used me alot to have my pet in it even my pet is […]

Virtual Support Networks (VSNs) are a second-generation of internet-based remote access technology. Like those solutions, VSNs are: • Web-based. This means they communicate over standard secure web ports that are already open in the firewall. • High-performance. They are not only faster over any kind of net

iSCSI storage area networks (SANs) offer an alternative for building SANs. Consolidating storage in a SAN offers storage management and scaling benefits for data centers, and iSCSI support in Windows Server 2003 makes connecting servers to an iSCSI SAN easier and more affordable. Read this technical briefing to

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The wiki trend is fostering the kind of corporate collaboration that not only empowers employees, but also speeds up the process of innovation. Get a handle on wikis, and what they can do for your organization, in the informative white paper A Short Guide to Wikis. In Knowledge Management: The Core of Service R

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Let me tell you my first encounter with Windows Task Manager. I knew something was wrong with my computer, I knew where to look, but I did not know what to look for. I was facing a bunch of processes and in 90% of them I had no idea about their purpose. I guess there […]

If you are having amid-sized organization in Information Technology field surely you will use lots of systems with different softwares. Most of us will you some anti virus softwares for your computer. But you have to use different softwares for your security because it differs depending on the software and secu

NEC has announced that it has succeeded in developing a new type of memory that preserves the SRAM compatibility. The new discovery has been named MRAM, which stands for Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory, and is alleged to run at a speed of 250 MHz, the fastest MRAM speed in the world. The design incorporat