Ultrasound Gun – A Weapon of the Future

Forget the rubber bullets and water jets. The weapon of the future for controlling the mob will employ sounds. Or you may use it against the little monsters of the Halloween or an annoying neighbor.

The handheld sonic gun, called Sonic Devestator, can emit intense ultrasonic
charges capable of causing intense pain and discomfort in humans and animals. The ultrasonic waves are headed in a 45-degree cone from the “muzzle” which keeps the user unaffected.The sounds of the sonic weapon can take about a minute to subside, but they do not induce any permanent harm or damage. The sonic gun also has a larger model, called Sonic Devestator Riot Control, which combines six smaller units into a single one.

“Our research has shown that by using these adjustment controls it is now possible to drastically increase the sonic output effect of the unit. It is possible to adjust the output for a maximizing effect on certain targets such as humans, dogs, unruly animals etc,” explained its developing company, Future Horizons.

The powerful ultrasonic waves go much farther then normal sound waves and even pass through thick walls. But not all the sounds are in the ultrasonic range; some can actually be easily heard, and the user can shift the frequency of the sounds back and forth. What you hear is a very loud and painful screeching sound, causing that kind of irritation like a person scratching its fingernails on a chalkboard. Only one added detail: imagine that made at an intensity of 130 decibels, the same of the sound emitted by lifting-off jet planes. Much more than that caused by a rock concert or a pneumatic hammer, which can be unbearable.When the gear is properly tuned, it can induce intense nausea and headaches in the human victims, usually within less than 60 seconds of emission. In some cases, it can provoke intense pain and pressure on their eardrums. The weapon is active in a range of 20 ft (6 m), but some sensitive individuals can be impacted at even 50 ft (15 m) away. The victim requires about one hour to recover. Dogs are even more sensitive than humans, as their auditory range goes higher.

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