Video Flickr Not Welcomed on the Web, Users Believe

A few days ago, the Sunnyvale-based company Yahoo made what seems to be Flickr’s first step into the video sharing market: the implementation of video support
which allows users to upload their own clips on the famous photo sharing website. That’s right, Flickr was actually a photo sharing webpage and the video support somehow changes its target. This is the reason why lots of people who were using Flickr on a daily basis considered the latest update unacceptable.

Just after the launch of the video function, a Flickr community formed the “We Say NO to Videos on Flickr,” a special discussion group in which the members who dislike the update are invited to sign a petition in order to convince Flickr owners to remove video support. Their reason: Flickr was a photo sharing service and it should remain the same for the time being. “If Internet users want video sharing functions, they should go to YouTube,” Flickr fans consider.

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