Almost all computers have a CD-Writer or DVD-Writer installed on them, so you can easily take your important data, may it be documents, music, videos or programs, wherever you want. A good example of interesting stuff from my point of view could be a Linux distribution. So, you have a CD/DVD-Writer, but you will need some software that can help you add files to your discs. For this kind of stuff Brasero was created. It is an application for burning discs for the GNOME desktop environment and was designed to be as simple as possible, so you can easily create your discs. Compared to other existing tools for CD/DVD burning, Brasero is the best solution for the GNOME Desktop Environment. It still needs some bugfixes until I could say it is the best software.


Brasero is very fast and doesn’t take too much from your computer resources. If you want a simple and clean-looking application, then Brasero will suit you.


The complete absence of documentation is one of the worst aspects. I have seen much simpler applications with a well-made help system, why doesn’t Brasero have it too? I looked for a menu where I could set up Brasero the way I would like it to work, but I only found… nothing; this is another black ball for the burning application.

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