Google Wave Invitation Recently i got google wave preview invitation. I would say it was awesome. Google developed a next generation emails, using wave protocol.I will blog more about that later. For now i have 15 invitations left, who wants it? leave a comment here, i will invite you to access the new google w

The second developer preview of OpenSolaris Live CD (codename Indiana) was released last night, after it was first announced at the beginning of the year. Initially scheduled for end of January 2008, Indiana Live CD Preview 2 comes packed with some new and emerging OpenSolaris technologies, such as: · Based on

Almost all computers have a CD-Writer or DVD-Writer installed on them, so you can easily take your important data, may it be documents, music, videos or programs, wherever you want. A good example of interesting stuff from my point of view could be a Linux distribution. So, you have a CD/DVD-Writer, but you wil

The Python license imposes very few restrictions on what you can do with Python. Most of the source code is copyrighted by the Python Software Foundation (PSF). A few files have a different copyright owner, but the same license applies to all of them. Full te of the Python 2.4.2 licensext In layman’s lang

LinuxForce is a technology services provider specializing in the development, implementation, management, and support of Linux-based systems, with a particular expertise in Debian GNU/Linux. The company was founded in 1996 and provides its services and products to companies, government agencies, educational ins

The commencement of the GNU project in 1984, with its goal to give users freedom, required the establishment of new distribution terms that would prevent the project being turned into proprietary software. The method used was Copyleft and the resulting license was called the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL)

The Free Software Directory was started in September 1999 to catalog all useful free software that runs under free operating systems. The Directory contains over 4,000 entries. The license of each program in the Directory is checked to verify that it is free software