OpenSolaris Indiana Preview 2

The second developer preview of OpenSolaris Live CD (codename Indiana) was released last night, after it was first announced at the beginning of the year. Initially scheduled for end of January 2008, Indiana Live CD Preview 2 comes packed with some new and emerging OpenSolaris technologies, such as:

· Based on Nevada build 79b;
· pkg(1) improvements, including progress reporting,
verification support and incremental catalog update;
· ksh93 is the default *system* shell (bash remains the default user shell);
· Introduction of /usr/has/bin (be aware, though, that it is experimental), with /usr/bin/vi now linking to vim by default;
· Addition of several new packages on, including version 2.3.1 of the popular open source Office suite,;
· Java Runtime Environment (JRE) was included by default on the Live CD;
· The following set of drivers have been included in this second preview:

· NVIDIA Graphics System Software (nvidia)
· ADMtek Ethernet Driver (afe)
· AMD8111 Fast Ethernet Driver (amd8111s)
· Davicom 9102 Fast Ethernet Driver (dmfe)
· Macronix Fast Ethernet Driver (mxfe)
· Nvidia ck804 pro / mcp55 pro combo SATA driver (nvsata)
· Sun NIU leaf driver (nxge)
· Ralink RT2500 802.11b/g Wireless Driver (ralink)
· realtek 8180L 802.11b driver (rtw)
· USB Keyspan serial driver (usbsksp)

· …and many bug fixes!

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