Romanians Will Bring Us the Next EA Games

It was last month when we told you about the brand new gaming studio opened by Electronic Arts in Romania – the first and only (at least for now) EA gaming studio in the Eastern Europe. And since the company announced that the production of video games will begin shortly, it only seems natural that they need proper work force.

The company already employed over 200 Romanian graphic designers, programmers and game testers and has no intentions to stop: it is planning to hire 150 more people by the end of October and, what really pleases us, it seems that students and generally younger persons are the main people Electronic Arts is looking for. This means two things and one of them really excites us: first, the next EA blockbusters might be developed and delivered from Romania and second, and the most important thing – Electronic Arts finally started to trust and believe that the younger and less experienced game developers might have something to say in the industry. And “brand new IPs”, especially when it comes from Electronic Arts, is something that we’d love to hear as often as possible.

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