Google Apps Officially Launched in Romania

“Buna dimineata!” This is how Michael Champlin, Business Product Manager, started the Google Apps conference which took place yesterday in Bucharest. The Google suite of utilities equipped with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Talk, iGoogle, Docs & Spreadsheets and many other tools is now available to Romanians and what’s more important, straight into their native language. “It’s a priority for us to bring our products in your language,” the Google official explained. Now let me talk about yesterday’s press conference held by Google. We all know it’s pretty difficult to roll out your solutions on a new market especially when you’re a famous company such as Google. And the super giant knows it. “People’s expectations are rising,” Michael Champlin admitted. But how can Google help the Romanian companies improve their offering and become more present in the online competition?

“Google Apps is actually about promoting your brand,” Google’s representative stated. And if you ever analyzed Apps’ utilities, I’m sure you agree with it because Google’s suite lets you personalize the technologies depending on your needs. For example, you can replace the Google or the Gmail logo appearing inside the products using simple functions. But the Mountain View company is not satisfied with the current configuration options offered to the users and some new settings might be rolled out in the future. “We can do more and maybe in the future [we’ll see] something similar to iGoogle.”

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