After the success achieved in the last years in the collaboration with NASA’s Ames Research Center, which included the mapping of stars and that of the surfaces of different bodies in the solar system, the Internet search giant Google is now showing interest in expanding its development towards providing

Once in a while it’s good to just relax and let the financial talk behind, forget about the CEOs and COOs and features, gadgets and codes. Some relax with a beer, watching the game that’s on, regardless of the sport, just for the feeling of old time’s sake, others go out withtheir childhood friends, while

Google Experimental has come up with a couple of viewing modes to enhance the search experience for its users. People were getting kind of tired with the old “10 pages per page, white background, blue links” mode and started voicing their desire for something new. After working to improve the algori

“Buna dimineata!” This is how Michael Champlin, Business Product Manager, started the Google Apps conference which took place yesterday in Bucharest. The Google suite of utilities equipped with Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Talk, iGoogle, Docs & Spreadsheets and many other tools is now availabl