HTC Touch P3450

HTC Touch comes to challenge the PDA landscape and prove that Pocket PCs can compete with what some would call ‘fashion phones’. The main advantages of the device are its stylish design and interface and the innovatory TouchFlo technology which simplifies finger-based operation and tries to make the use of the stylus only a matter of choice.

The HTC Touch is also known under the names P3450 and Elf, the latter suiting it well if we consider its diminutive size. Several operators are offering rebranded versions of the PDA under different names, such as MDA Touch from T-Mobile and XDA Nova from O2. The HTC Touch can be purchased at a price of about $500, or less if bought with a mobile operator contract.

As a PDA that focuses a great deal on design, the HTC Touch follows the latest trend that tries to keep the dimensions to a minimum. Measuring 58 x 99.9 x 13.9 mm, the device is one of the smallest and slimmest Pocket PCs on the market. Its size and shape ensure that the PDA fits comfortably into one’s hand. Moreover, its weight of only 112 grams can make the HTC Touch the envy of other regular phones. The Touch has a stylish design, with rounded corners and carefully designed buttons, which make it appealing to those interested in good-looking phones. The activation button placed in the middle of the directional pad glows white when used or when a button is pressed, adding to the stylish look.

Menu and Software

Without a doubt, TouchFlo is the greatest asset of the HTC Touch. The technology improves finger-based operation taking the usability of the device to a whole new level. TouchFlo includes three parts: the HTC Home plugin shown on the Today screen, the HTC Cube which is basically a polished launcher and the finger activated scrolling.

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