Windows Mobile 6.1, the newest version of Microsoft’s OS for mobile devices, should have been launched at MWC 2008, at the beginning of February, but the giant softwarecompany postponed its release for unknown reasons. Now it looks like the new OS will be available starting April the 1st, and Pocket-Lint

Presented by Alltel as a “reflection of perfection”, Glimmer is one of LG’s latest slider phones and it combines multimedia capabilities and a touchscreen interface into a fashionable device. Measuring 4.0 x 2.05 x 0.59 inches and weighing 4.0 ounces (101.6 x 52 x 14.9 millimeters and 113 gram

Nec, the Japanese multinational company, recently unveiled one of the slimmest clamshell phones ever produced, Nec N705iµ, a handset that comes at only 9.8 millimeters in thickness andemphasizes the company’s ambition to bring unique products (remember the Flask Fuel Cell concept?). Nec N705iµ is availa

Yahoo!, the global Internet services company, announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the new Yahoo! oneConnect service, set to revolutionize mobile communication in the same way Yahoo! oneSearch revolutionized mobile search back in 2007. Yahoo! oneConnect will be the first service for

Fuel Cell Power and Transparency….!!! The handset is apparently named NEC Flask Phone and, at a first glance, it looks like a giant lighter that Bigfoot might really love (if he exists and if he smokes). At a second glance, things seem a bit more serious, as this device is said to pack some sort […

Verizon Wireless, the second largest mobile carrier in the US, announced the availability of three of its popular handsets in new colors, probably to start the year with a fresh look butalso for the approaching Valentine’s Day, when pretty-colored devices sell like they’re offered for free. The firs

DLNA has certified the Nokia N95 8GB as a Mobile Digital Media Server, an acknowledgment that taps into the genius of this multimedia computer. The extensive connectivity and cutting-edge media capabilities of the Nokia N95 8GB are ideal for enjoying content, such as music, photos or videos, wirelessly on other

Asus M930, the smartphone with a full QWERTY keyboard announced last year to be a tough competitor for Nokia’s N90 Communicator, is now officially unveiled and should becommercially available in March 2008. Leaked specs about the smartphone appeared for the first time back in November 2007, and the offici

HTC Touch comes to challenge the PDA landscape and prove that Pocket PCs can compete with what some would call ‘fashion phones’. The main advantages of the device are its stylish design and interface and the innovatory TouchFlo technology which simplifies finger-based operation and tries to make the