Hi… Frnds start learning CCNA. Now i start with networking basics. Please post ur doubts to arun2xy@rediffmail.com or give comments. NETWORKING As u all know about it… Networking is collection of two or more computers basically to share hardware devices and software application. Lets see about it&#8

Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history.We of… this administration, will be remembered in spite of ourselves… The firey trial through which we pass will light us down, in honor or dishonor, to the latest generation… Abraham LincolnConcluding remarks,Annual Message to Congress, 1862

Hi frnds, As u all call me as Professor Now im back to my work. Yes, frnds i planned to teach CCNA through Blog from Basic to Enterprise level. I think u all are aware of CISCO certification, so i think it will help you in future. In future i planned to conduct a online […]

Defeat spammer and bots, the smart way! CAPTCHA is an acronym for “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computer and Human Apart”. A project of the Computer Science Department of Carnegic Mellon University (trade mark owned by Cernegic), CAPTCHA is a mechanism to tell humans and computers apart,

HP 9000 server family overview The HP 9000 server family features world-class computing with the HP PA-8900 processors and the proven, mission-critical-ready HP-UX 11i operating system. Now, new models make the HP 9000 family even stronger. These new mid-range and Superdome systems, with the HP sx2000 chipset,

How They Rated (charts):* Microsoft* Nokia* Toyota Motor* Intel* Coca-Cola* Sony* IBM* General Electric* Nike* Citigroup 1 MICROSOFTMicrosoft’s main antitrust battle shifted from the United States to Europe this year, but the software giant remains steady in the REVIEW’s rankings of the world’

Many interesting facts about India are well known: it is the world’s largest democracy and federal republic, the second largest country in population and on track to become the largest, has the world’s largest filmmaking industry, etc. But there are many interesting facts that are less commonly know

The Tajmahal is Tejomahalay A Hindu TempleBy P.N.Oak Probably there is no one who has been duped at least once in a life time. But can the whole world can be duped? This may seem impossible. But in the matter of indian and world history the world can be duped in many respects for hundreds […]

Tamil Nadu History The history of Tamil Nadu is very old and it is believed that human endeavour s to inhabit this area began as early as 300, 000 years ago. It is also suggested that the first Dravidians of Tamil country were part of the early Indus Valley settlers and moved south during the […]