FSF still remains the main sponsor of the GNU Project. Savannah provides additional features for GNU projects, FSF also provides development systems for GNU software maintainers, which includes full email and shell services. We are committed to furthering the development of the GNU Operating System and enabling

Recently i learn some of the advantages of open source software’s. Its really good to learn open source. I think i future most of the corporate will switch to open source. Normally the corporates who are developing application software’s should get license from the software’s development organ

Recently i am busy with my project work all you know that i am doing a Open Source Project.I want to share a Technical Information. My project developed my using a High Level Language PYTHON. Python is a dynamic object-oriented programming language that can be used for many kinds of software development. It off

Hi All… Here is my project… OPEN SYSTEM ADMINISTRATION This is administration software for a server system. It is built with PHP, MySQL, Java scripting, and other server side software. It will control a complete system including networking, apache, mail, dns and other aspects that is included in thi

To learn about Fedora project and to download fedora… log on to this link Fedora Link.Fedora prject Wiki is to collaborate end user and developer to know about user satisfaction with Fedora project.

Here is a website for Free Software foundation of India. All of you know about open soucre.The word free similar meaning like free speech, free people and free country.log on to: http://fsf.org.in/