In today’s competitive business world, having a positive mindset is essential for leaders to be successful. A positive mindset is not just about being optimistic, but also having a clear vision, strategy and focus. A leader with a positive mindset is able to overcome obstacles, stay motivated and remain focus

Human resources (HR) systems have been around for many years, providing robust and efficient solutions for companies of all sizes. When properly designed, implemented, and maintained, these systems allow companies to engage and nurture their employees and critical processes. When these systems are neglected, ho

Top company who are search for good R&D in CRM here is company entellium Located in Seattle, Washington (US), Entellium has a research and development center in Malaysia and global consulting services worldwide. It has provided CRM solutions to global brands such as Pan Pacific Hotels, Standard Chartered Ba

Actually when i was studying ooad and tqm i thought to write a post about CRM. Just know about CRM software and whats the use of it. CRM will reduce your sales work and concentrate on next implementation in sales or in production…. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of strategies, processes,