My 12 faces ! That was really funny when i start working with photo morphing website. I was searching for photo morphing websites to view their designs and do it better for my client. It was funny when i started using the websites to view my pics. You can view my different faces here 😉

After a long gap i went to my native for celebrating diwali with my family. From the below words you can guess what i was doing in 4 days in my native. Thatha, Cow, Garden, Field, Appu, Karuvattu kolambu, idly, peacock, veerapandi temple, Kaali.. this is what happen 🙂

Last month my gmail, rediff, and yahoo email address was hacked by a guy. Even though I recovered it he kept on hacking my id’s. I was wondering who and why was he was doing this. So I left my email- id’s without recovering my passwords to know who was hacking it. Just 2 days […]

Hi friends now i started learning hacking through internet and i have techniques which i dicuss in my personal website. My site gives yu lots of technique to hacking systems, servers, mails, website etc., If you have any queries or if you have any doubts let me know i will give you the solutions in […]

Today i was just going through the photos which i took in my village veerapandi and my farm. Thought to share few in my blog…. Kambam – Theni High road. (Veerapandi Bridge) Famous Veerapandi River ( aka Mullai River ) You can see this river in most of the movies ( Recently in GOA Movie […]