Google Wave Invitation Recently i got google wave preview invitation. I would say it was awesome. Google developed a next generation emails, using wave protocol.I will blog more about that later. For now i have 15 invitations left, who wants it? leave a comment here, i will invite you to access the new google w

After a long gap i went to my native for celebrating diwali with my family. From the below words you can guess what i was doing in 4 days in my native. Thatha, Cow, Garden, Field, Appu, Karuvattu kolambu, idly, peacock, veerapandi temple, Kaali.. this is what happen 🙂

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Last month my gmail, rediff, and yahoo email address was hacked by a guy. Even though I recovered it he kept on hacking my id’s. I was wondering who and why was he was doing this. So I left my email- id’s without recovering my passwords to know who was hacking it. Just 2 days […]

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Teleportation is used to transfer the matter from one point to another immediately. It is mainly used in science fiction works. Teleportation is also used to communicate the people face to face even at the distant location. The face image in the teleportation will be in the 3D environment, which make eye to eye